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TThe largest and most professional spy shop in the international market, Petrutech Technologies offers the broadest and most varied selection of spying and eavesdropping equipment.

Our products include bugs, hidden microphones, audio microphones on the UHF (Ultra High Frequency), adjustable transmitters on the VHF band, spy gadgests and covert microphones. We also produce market-leading solutions for spying and covert electronic gadgets for individuals, organizations, private investigators and government agencies around the world.

Our crystal stabilized UHF bugs, covert transmitters and listening devices are leading the international market since 1992.
Our products include:

  • Covert bug transmitters and eavesdropping equipment on VHF or UHF band.
  • QUARTZ CRYSTAL STABILIZED listening devices, UHF transmitters, "bugs", spying and eavesdropping equipment
  • VOX (Voice Activated), high quality transmitters and listening devices.
  • Phone Transmitters, wiretaps - for serial and parallel connection.
  • UHF and VHF receivers.
  • Sets on UHF and VHF transmitter and receiver, stabilized by quartz crystal.
  • Audio Jammer Devices for blocking listening devices spy, eavesdropping devices and recorders.
  • *** We are not selling VIDEO equipment, as usually it can be easily revealed. As well, all GSM devices, if found, will reveal the user in no time, as they use SIM cards.

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