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The largest and professional spy shop in the international market, Petrutech Technologies offers the widest and most varied selection of spying gear and spy equipment. We manufacture market-leading solutions for surveillance and espionage electronic gadgets to individuals, organizations, private investigators and government agencies worldwide. Processing of our modern offices and laboratory, we provide services for new and existing customers.

It's better to know the truth NOW than later...

We will assist and help you achieving this any important information, using our professional listening devices.
Listening devices are known on different names, including bugs, bugging device, covert audio devices, but the fact of the matter is the majority of people use for very ordinary purposes.
Of course, you can use a listening device or recording device to record a lecture at university, you can use a listening device to hear what your baby is up to in the next room, in fact you can use a listening device for many purposes.
At Petrutech Technologies we offer a wide range of listening devices for almost any purpose, easy to be used by individuals, businesses, law enforcement, "GOV agents", professional investigators etc. who want to know the truth.

Our devices are leading the international market since 1992.
Petrutech Technologies© offers a proven surveillance technology and innovative security technology . We are constantly working on new ideas and developments of new equipment for espionage, surveillance and professional wireless technology for the international market, based on the experience of intelligence experts and employing high skilled engineers.
Thousands of surveillance products of our company were been sold worldwide, for our customers in over 57 countries. Our products include:
* Room adjustable transmitters VHF-UHF.
* Room transmitters VHF-UHF fixed frequency.
* Room CRYSTAL CONTROLLED UHF transmitters, bugs, spying equipment and wiretaps
* VOX (Voice Operated) bugs and listening devices.
* Telephone Transmitters, wiretaps - for serial and parallel connections.
* UHF and VHF receivers.
* Sets of UHF and VHF receiver and transmitter.
* Audio Jammer Devices for spy listening devices, bugs and recorders.

All the micro transmitters, bug and wiretaps we offer, can be programmed with one of our special receivers.

Knowledge is power. Stay updated and informed, do not ever be surprised ...

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