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110 or 220v UHF Mains operated transmitter


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Many times, on different spying operations, we need a hidden spying bug transmitter - but we can enter to the target's property just once. We cannot exchange batteries, and at the same time we wish to listen for a long time. The new MAUHF V2 is the smallest and most powerful professional spy bug wireless microphone in the NFM UHF range of room spying concealed transmitters, and it is using the mains (110 - 220 V) as power supply, working without batteries!  This feature permits concealing it in the most difficult places, for example behind outlets, in small junction boxes, inside lamps etc. It uses an external miniature microphone and can be used in any room environment. The audio sensitive bug MAUHF-V2 can be installed in a room like any ordinary bug, without using any batteries.
Built in automatic voice level circuit, automatically adjusts voice level for maximum clarity. This audio bugging device will transmit all room conversations up to 200m in urban areas and up to 400m in line of sight, so you can listen in and record covertly.
It is easy to connect it to the mains in the room where you want to monitor and your done. Then using your receiver select the channel and listen/record the transmitted conversation.
It broadcasts powerful, clear sound. The transmitter is designed by our high skilled staff, and based only on modern technologies. Each transmitter is tested and tuned in our specialized laboratory and as well "on field" by high skilled engineers for maximum distance


  • Working Voltage: 110 or 220V line (no battery!)
  • Dimension: ONLY 1.4 X 2.3cm !
  • Frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.9MHz
  • Estimated transmitting range: up to 400 mt line of sight. (L.O.S).
  • SMD, for more stability and size (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).
  • High amplified output!
  • Using encapsulation, for safety and protection !!!
  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.
  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
  • Very easy installation.
  • Smallest electret (Condensed) sensitive microphone pick up a whisper from 10m radius, clear. You won't miss a word.
  • User manual is included.

Please note: the matching receiver for this device is the following one:

or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps.



  • 1 Crystal controlled PLL Crystal controlled 110V/220V Transmitter SPY BUG .
  • 1 User Manual.
  • Model: MAUHF
  • Shipping Weight: 0.03Kgs

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