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UHF power micro transmitter hidden in power strip extension EU

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The most powerful audio surveillance listening device, or as we call them bugs.

The main problems of most wireless microphones are:

  1. The power supply: Most wireless hidden microphones use batteries.
  2. Most listening devices have a very limited output power, and actually, the output power is one of the most important factors for achieving long distance.
  3. Most spying wireless microphones transmit as long as the battery permits them, and when the battery is weakening, they it stop transmitting.

However, we succeeded to solve those problems.

In the following lines, I will explain you how we did it, and the benefits of this device.

We use inside this specific power strip a high power transmitter.

Usually, for simple tasks, we use the regular 110V or 220V transmitters. They have an output power of about 10 milli Watts (mW).

The newest device has an output power of about 80 mW!

However, the ratio power / distance is not linear, meaning that the distance that you may achieve with this new device, is up to twenty times more, compared to the regular 220V or 110V AC operated spying devices.

The bugging transmitter works on the UHF band. It can be programed in our professional lab from to any frequency between 400MHz and 470 MHz, and by default, we program it at 436MHz. If our customers require another frequency, we will do it without any additional cost! It will be a small additional shipping delay, as we must take the transmitter out of case and re-assemble it after reprogramming.

The UHF bug spy transmitter uses a special electronic component, named quartz crystal. This component stabilizes the frequency, and this way you will get the most professional surveillance tool.

You may ask: Why it is important to use a VOX if I don’t use batteries?

The answer is simple: If you use a transmitter without the VOX function, it transmits continuously, right? And what happens when you wish to use a recorder??? It will also record continuously, and wasting the recorder’s memory, and of course its battery! So now, if you connect the recorder to your receiver, it will record only during transmissions, and all the “silence” time it will switch to standby…

You will not find such a powerful and sophisticated device, worldwide!

Please note: we have to import the enclosures from different sources. The enclosures may differ in size or color, but there will always will be 3 or more outlets available. 


Input voltage: 220-240V
Hidden in 3 outlet power strip
Transmitter's output power: 80mW
Frequency: 400 - 470 MHz
Stabilization: Quartz crystal, 0.000001%
Voice activation: VOX
Long distance: up to 5km, line of sight
It doesn't include radio receiver


1 x UHF power transmitter in a power strip 3 X outlets


  • Model: PSEU3
  • Shipping Weight: 1Kgs

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