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Powerful hidden bugging microphone uhf transmitter pht40

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  • Model: PHT40
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We are often looking for a powerful audio surveillance transmitter, which can transmit the audio wireless, to a long distance remote receiver. We also ask for extended privacy, so our transmissions won't be received by someone in the neighborhood.

The distance, audio clarity and the stability are the most important factors for any bugging undercover device. All our listening devices can offer most factors.
However, there are many cases where you need a much powerful listening device, for an extended distance. The terrain has a huge influence on distance. For example using covert microphones at ground level, in crowded areas or nearby metallic objects (pipes, power-transformers or even cars) may not provide the best results. You need more power in these cases.
All the listening devices we offer you in this category are 6-8 times more powerful compared to the usual listening devices.

PHT40 is a very powerful bugging device.
It transmits the voices using the UHF band, for your total privacy. It comes encased in an ABS enclosure.

This spying hidden transmitter is used by the most professional detectives, and also by many authorities and governments, worldwide.




  • Powered: 2 x 1.5V AAA or AA batteries

  • Dimension: The size is only 3 cm X 3 cm encased so it may work even on severe weather.

  • Transmitter's frequency range: NFM (UHF) 400-460MHz.

  • Long transmitting range:  up to 4000 m line of sight. (L.O.S). Special powerful design.

  • The Frequency is programmable (In our lab).

  • Quartz Stabilized, 0.000001% drift.

  • On / off switch.

  • High power output! Average: 70mW

  • NFM for power and stability.

  • Using a mil. specs. resin for encapsulating, for safety, security and anti-humidity.

  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.

  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.

  • User manual is included.

  • High amplification FET microphone, 4mm diameter immersion gold.

  • Professional gold plated board.



  • 1 Crystal stabilized PLL programmable powerful spy bug transmitter.

  • 1 Battery holder for 2 X AAA or AA batteries (Batteries not included).

bug spy powerful 3 volts   Powerful micro spy bug transmitter programmable in UHF Band 3V V2