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PARALLEL wiretap UHF bug spy stabilized FM 433MHz

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This professional wiretap uses several technologies that were never seen before!
It is built domestic for landphones.

This professional device connects to the line in PARALLEL mode instead series devices that are sold all over the world.
It doesn't draw current from the line, unlike series connected wiretaps.
This is a great improvement, as the transmitter, as this way it is undetectable by most sophisticated detectors.

Using FET (field effect transistor) technology. This technology is the key of the high impedance of the device, and as well make it's battery lasts so long time.
It does not use VOX (voice operated switch) as other devices, so no other devices may defeat it.
For stability, it's using a tripler stage, found only at crystal controlled most expensive transmitters.

It uses its own antenna, without Radio Frequency radiation on the phone line, therefore it is the harder detectable devices known.
The transmitting range is also improved, as it uses its own battery.
Depending on the RECEIVER you use, you can easily may hear it clearly at about a radius of 400-600m on clear, by using OUR UHF receiver.
You may use your own UHF receiver!
It's a 5 stage UHF adjustable amplified transmitter, with more stability that any phone transmitter.
Another important feature is that the battery may lasts more than 2 months (depending on the number of calls..)
It operates ONLY when the phone is in use, so when the phone is "on hook" it does not transmit.
The transmitter comes factory calibrated at about 433MHz for full power.



  • Working Voltage: Phone line + 9V battery.

  • Dimensions: 3cm x 4cm x 1.4 cm. SMALL wiretapping design, made for landphone surveillance.

  • Stability: The transmitter uses 3 x RF stages buffered output for stability.

  • Frequency: True NFM (Narrow Band FM - Frequency range approximately  433.x (Quartz Crystal Controlled ).

  • Distance: Long transmitting range. Penetrates through walls and ceilings.

  • Safety: Our unique transmitters are using a special material for encapsulating, for safety and security.

  • Power: Up to 25mW RF output.

  • Audio: High level difference between noise and the transmitted sounds.

  • Antenna: Small external, 17cm.

  • Adjustements: No adjustments are required.

  • It can be connected to any phone socket, even without a phone connected to it.

It includes:

  • 1 X Parallel UHF Bugging and WIRETAPPING Transmitter.

  • 1 X connecting cord.

Please note:

It is not available for Office Type Phones, PBX and Modem Cable. On DSL or ADSL network, it has to be installed after the filter (i.e. between the filter and the landphone or cordless phone base).