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VHF wiretap parallel connected transmitter 433MHz

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  • Model: PAR_1600
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This is the best VHF parallel connected professional wiretap, - telephone transmitter bug on the VHF band. The transmitter is concealed in a small ABS enclosure, and doesn't attract attention.

It is feed by the phone line and 9V battery, and  covers an incredible large area (3 times more than the serial spying wiretap). Due to the special design it is the most stable and powerful you may find. Can be connected anywhere for monitoring the entire line.
The Miniature VHF tap is intended to be connected to a landline phone. This phone listening device VHF transmitter wiretap, will transmit both sides of the conversations to a remote matching receiver. The audio is perfect.
You may use any FM receiver or our special VHF one.
The wiretap is designed and produced based on the high knowledge of our high skilled staff, and using only on modern technologies. Each device is tested and tuned in our specialized laboratory and also tested "on field" by high skilled engineers for maximum distance.


  • Working Voltage: phone line and 9V battery

  • Connected in parallel to the telephone line.

  • Dimension: ONLY 1.0 X 3.0 X 4 cm !

  • Transmitter's frequency: NFM UHF 433MHz.

  • Estimated transmitting range: Urban area up to 200 mt. and up to Line of sight: 500 mt.

  • Using a patent special resin for encapsulating, for safety and anti-humidity !!!

  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.

  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.

  • Very easy installation.

  • High-tech laminate makes it weather resistant, and THE ONLY ONE which is coated with ANTI - FIRE INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL!!!

  • Professional gold plated pcb for extra stability.



  • 1 VHF adjustable wiretap parallel connected transmitter.

  • 1 User manual.


It is not available for Office Type Phones, PBX and Modem Cable. On DSL or ADSL network, it has to be installed after the filter (i.e. between the filter and the landphone or cordless phone base).