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UHF Transmitter Bug Concealed in a US 6 way adapter - 110V

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  • Model: USSPLITS
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UHF 110V bug spy transmitter concealed inside a 6 way electricity power strip extension, uses the AC from mains without using any batteries.
The listening device is stabilized by a quartz crystal. It uses the UHF band, ISM. This concealed transmitter is approx. 25 - 30% more powerful than the 3 outlets USA adapter.
Apparently, it looks like a common 6 oulets wall adapter, however it includes a hidden a powerful FM transmitter, broadcasting within the UHF 433-434 MHz band.
It uses of a very sensitive hidden microphone, concealed in a wall AC power extension.

The sockets on all 6 sides are fully functional. It has an exceptional transmitting distance - minimum 100 meters in urban area, and as much as 450 - 500m line of sight, depending on terrain.

It will transmit even a quiet whisper with a crystal sound quality to a distant receiver.
The transmitter is encapsulated using an unique resin, not inflammable and anti static.
Every transmitter is examined and adjusted in our specialized laboratory and tested "on field" by by our staff for optimum distance.


  • Working Voltage: 110V AC (WITHOUT battery!).

  • Case Dimension: As seen on pictures !

  • Long transmitting range: (Up to 450 - 500m - LOS on clear)

  • Audio Compression: Amplifies weak whispers, suppress high noises.

  • Using SMD components, for stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).

  • 5 stages EXTRA amplified output!

  • Extended power and stability.

  • Using a military specification material for encapsulating, for safety and security!

  • Ground Plane design, less interferes with other devices.

  • Frequency: 433MHz Crystal Controlled for high stability and PRIVACY.

  • Its smal concealed electret microphone is so sensitive that you will hear a whisper from 5-10 meters around , crystal clear. You won't miss a whisper.

  • Professional gold plated board for extra stability.

Compatible receivers:

or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps. or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps.


  • 1 x UHF BUG SPY TRANSMITTER CONCEALED IN U.S 6 sockets wall adapter.

  • 1 x Instructions Manual.

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