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VOX 110V powerful wireless listening device in power strip US

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The most powerful listening device in the international market, concealed in a power strip extension.
This is the most modern powerful spying transmitter. It is controlled by microprocessor, and the frequency is the extremely stable.

It looks as a high quality, domestic power-strip, nothing may reveal the actual active “listening device” hidden inside the enclosure. The power–strip extension is functional.
The best and most professional listening device using 110 to 120V!!! It is not using any battery.

The main features of this device are:
The spying microphone has an incredible power. Usual listening devices that are using the mains current, have a maximal power of 10 milli-Watts (mW).
This specific UHF transmitter has a huge output power: 80 mW!!! Power is, in this case, equal to distance…

This is a voice activated wireless bug, and this feature is called VOX.  Usually, we use this feature for high quality spying devices which use batteries and the main reason is that VOXes transmitters will not consume the battery power. This is not the reason we use this configuration in this case. If you want to record the conversations automatically, you connect a recorder to the receiver. However, if the transmitter transmits 24 / 7, the recorder will record also the “silence” time, when there are no conversations. It is a waste of memory and recorder’s battery.

The listening device uses the UHF band, within 400 to 470 MHz. It is programmed in our lab to a specific frequency, however, there are almost endless frequencies available, on demand.

Concluding: If you need the best, most powerful sophisticated surveillance device, don’t miss the deal!

Please note: we have to import the enclosures from different sources. The enclosures may differ in size or shape, but there will always be 3 or more outlets available on each strip.


  • Input voltage: 110-125V

  • Hidden in 4 outlet power strip

  • Transmitter's output power: 80mW

  • Frequency: 400 - 470 MHz

  • Stabilization: Quartz crystal, 0.000001%

  • Voice activation: VOX

  • Long distance: up to 5km, line of sight

  • It doesn't include radio receiver


  • 1 x UHF power transmitter hidden in a power strip (US) 4 X outlets



VOX 110V powerful wireless listening device in power strip US   VOX 110V powerful wireless listening device in power strip US   UHF bug in strip transmitter  

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