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Set programmable UHF receiver and extended time FM bug


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Set including programmable UHF receiver and extended time FM bug

Professional set using the UHF band, for interception events in a room. High stability, miniature wireless microphone which draws less than 20mA from a battery. The high amplification microphone, allows it to pick up conversations from distance and transmit them to our professional programmable receiver.

The receiver is programed to a fixed frequency, and uses special audio filters for clear and steady interception.

The set is very useful in places where it is difficult to change batteries frequently. It works for a relative long time, and can be hidden easily.

Technical specifications:

The transmitter

  • Power supply: 9V
  • Up to 90 transmitting hours, more than any 9V transmitter (draws only 20 mA).
  • Designed and built using FET devices, minimizing current drawn from battery.
  • Board Dimension:  only 1.4 cm X 2.0cm!
  • Frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.9MHz CRYSTAL STABILIZED.
  • Long transmitting range: up to 700 m on clear. (L.O.S).
  • Built by using SMD, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).
  • Maximal amplified, secured output!
  • FM UHF NB - The only one Varicap controlled for power and stability.
  • Using a patented material for encapsulating, for safety and security!!!
  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.
  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
  • User manual is included.
  • Picks up a whisper from about 30sq.ft (100sq.m) radius , crystal clear. You won't miss a word.

The receiver


  • Working Voltage: 3.7V Li-ion, 1500mAh. rechargeable.
  • Estimated working time between charging: 10-12 hour.
  • Smart charger: Desktop charger
  • Dimensions: 110 X 50 X 32 mm (without antenna)
  • Stability: 2.0ppm.
  • Frequency: True NFM (Narrow Band FM) or WFM (factory programed).
  • Distance: Extreme Long receiving distance. Picks up transmissions through walls and ceilings.
  • Receiver's frequency range: Frequency range 400 - 450 MHz (PROGRAMMABLE).
  • Sensitivity: Better 0.55 µV into 50 Ohm (12 dB/sinad).
  • Deviation: 2.5 KHz to 6 KHz
  • Outlets for external audio recording or earphones.
  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥60dB
  • Gold plated PCB.
  • 15 programmable channels (in our lab)!
  • Audio: High quality 1000mW
  • Antenna: semi-flexible DETACHABLE antenna, 10 cm.
  • Adjustments: No adjustments are required.



  • 1× Portable radio
  • 1 × Environmental transmitter for extended time
  • 1× Inductively loaded antenna
  • 1× Li-ion battery pack
  • 1× Desktop charger
  • 1× Belt clip
  • 1× Hand strap


Set transmitter VOX9 and receiver   Powerful micro spy bug transmitter VOX in UHF Band   UHF Receiver  

  • Model: SETLT9
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4Kgs

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