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UHF bugging and spying concealed in 6 outlets wall adapter 110V

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  • Model: USSPLITS
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UHF 110V bug spy transmitter concealed inside a 6 way electricity power strip extension, uses the AC from mains without using any batteries.


The hidden covert microphone is stabilized by a quartz crystal. It uses the UHF band, ISM. This concealed transmitter is approx. 25 - 30% more powerful than the 3 outlets USA adapter.

Apparently, it looks like a common 6 oulets wall adapter, however it includes a hidden a powerful FM transmitter, broadcasting within the UHF 433-434 MHz band.
It uses of a very sensitive hidden microphone, concealed in a wall-power-extension.

The sockets on all 6 sides are fully functional. It has an exceptional transmitting distance - minimum 100 meters in urban area, and up to 300m line of sight, depending on terrain.

It will transmit even a quiet whisper with a crystal sound quality to a distant receiver.
The transmitter is encapsulated using an unique resin, not inflammable and anti-static.
Every transmitter is examined and adjusted in our specialized laboratory and tested "on field" by by our staff for optimum distance.


  • Working Voltage: 110V AC (WITHOUT battery!).

  • Case Dimension: As seen on pictures !

  • Long transmitting range: (Up to 300m - L.O.S on clear)

  • Audio Compression: Amplifies weak whispers, suppress high noises.

  • Using SMD components, for stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).

  • 5 stages EXTRA amplified output!

  • Extended power and stability.

  • Using a military specification material for encapsulating, for safety and security!

  • Ground Plane design, less interferes with other devices.

  • Frequency: 433MHz Crystal Controlled for high stability and PRIVACY.

  • Its smal concealed electret microphone is so sensitive that you will hear a whisper from 5-10 meters around , crystal clear. You won't miss a whisper.

  • Professional gold plated board for extra stability.

Compatible receivers:

or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps. or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps.


  • 1 x UHF BUG SPY TRANSMITTER CONCEALED IN U.S 6 sockets wall adapter.

  • 1 x Instructions Manual.

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