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UHF Transceiver Programmed For Our Transmitters

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  • Model: PETRU433S
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This is the most sensitive and professional programmable receiver available in the UHF Receivers category.

Used for picking-up conversations from long distance in the UHF band. The PLL Programmable Receiver employs an extra high sensitivity circuit which allows the user to pickup RF  bugging transmitters up to several kilometers away. The PLL receiver employs a state-of-the-art surface-mount technology, making it the most effective wireless audio receiver of its kind. The stability, sensitivity and efficiency of the programmable UHF PLL receiver exceeds the best scanners.

We've designed it especially for the listening devices in this category. The receiver's original PCB module was replaced by a custom designed receiver board, built especially for our specifications, made in Europe. It compete scanners that are much more expensive, due to using a genuine circuit enclosure.

All of our Crystal Controlled UHF transmitters (phone line wiretaps, phone "adapters" taps, Mains (110V / 220V) transmitters, VOXes and room transmitters) will match the receiver frequency.
This receiver is the only one that will work with the POWER VOXES and POWER BUGS


  • The device's dimensions are very compact and almost unnoticed.

  • The receiver easily fits in a shirt pocket, so you won't have to hold it in your hands.

  • The antenna is thinner, shorter and detachable - less observed. It can be used with an external antenna - for inside car surveillance.

  • Our receivers are more sensitive than many other transceivers.

  • High-quality precise PCB.

  • High-quality golden cover of contact plates.

  • Active and passive elements from leading worldwide brands.

  • The PLL UHF CRYSTAL CONTROLLED RECEIVER can be used in a room or business, indoor or outdoor.


  • Working Voltage: 3.7V Li-ion, 1500mAh. rechargeable.

  • Estimated working time between charging: 10-12 hour.

  • Smart charger: Free Desktop charger (US plug).

  • Dimensions: 110 X 50 X 32 mm (without antenna)

  • Stability: 2.0ppm.

  • Frequency: True NFM (Narrow Band FM) or WFM (factory programmed).

  • Distance: Extreme Long receiving distance. Picks up transmissions through walls and ceilings.

  • Receiver's frequency range: Frequency range 400 - 450 MHz (PROGRAMMABLE).

  • Sensitivity: Better 0.55 µV into 50 Ohm (12 dB/sinad).

  • Deviation: 2.5 KHz to 6 KHz

  • Outlets for external audio recording or earphones.

  • Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥60dB

  • Gold plated PCB.

  • 15 programmable channels (in our lab)

  • Audio:High quality 1000mW

  • Antenna: semi-flexible DETACHABLE antenna, 10 cm.

  • Adjustments: No adjustments are required.


  • 1× Portable radio

  • 1× Inductively loaded antenna

  • 1× Li-ion battery pack

  • 1× Desktop charger 

  • 1× Belt clip

  • 1× Hand strap