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UHF Transmitter Micro Bug listening device 3V stabilized

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  • Model: Eagle7R3
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Room surveillance in real time from distance requires a small and powerful audio transmitter.
Latest technology along with low current consumption allows up to 24 hrs continuous surveillance operation.

Only by implementation of SMT (surface mount technology) the extremely small dimensions could be achieved.
The ABS housing manufactured the spying bug transmitter provides excellent broadcasting characteristics. Concealing of a spying bug has to be done very quickly.
The E7 room transmitter with its external battery solves the problem, because only the external battery has to be connected and the unit begins transmitting.

The E7 room transmitter is available in standard frequencies within UHF band.
You will need an UHF receiver (that has narrow band receiving option) or or one of our 3 matching receivers in order to receive this UHF spy bug microphone transmitter.
It can be concealed in a hidden corner of a room, under the bed, under a desk, inside a toy etc.
After connecting the battery you will hear the sounds in the room by using an UHF FM receiver, to a distance of up to 700 meters, depending on the terrain.
This is not a toy! This unique powerful device will draw up to 25mA from the battery.

Compatible receivers:

or any receiver within 400-450 MHz band and 2.5 kHz steps.


  • Powered: 2 X 1.5V Battery

  • Dimension: ONLY 3 X 3 cm.

  • Frequency: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.95 MHz

  • Estimated distance: ~ 700m line of sight. (L.O.S).

  • The device is coated with special Antistatic and Antiinflammatory material.

  • High walls penetration.

  • High amplification FET omnidirectional external microphone.

  • Professional gild pcb for extra stability.


  • 1 X Crystal controlled PLL Crystal controlled Eagle7 SPY BUG Transmitter.

  • 1 X Instructions Manual.