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FM VHF hidden microphone transmitter voice activated VOX7

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  • Model: VOX7
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This professional transmitter using voice activation VOX, will transmit the quietest sounds to a remote home receiver with crystal clear sound.

A suitable receiver is the Standard Home FM receiver, Car radio, walkman, Hi-Fi, Portable radio or our VHF model receiver. You can easily adjust it with the tool provided.
The high quality ceramic trimmer will adjust it to any station, in and out the commercial range.

This a real money saving device.
Do you like to change batteries often? Do you need transmissions during inactivity, when nobody is home or at sleeping time? It's just a waste of battery and money. This professional transmitter preserves the battery for long time, as the current in "standby" is just 0.8mA - almost  imperceptible. As soon as someone begins to speak, the transmitter begins to transmit. A special audio filter makes it more sensitive to human voices. A small LED added so you can know when it transmits.
All the components are Military Specs, the best and precise ones on the market.



  • Power Supply: 9V ALKALINE (!!!) battery, you may achieve a long range, depending on the height of the building installed, the walls and the sensitivity of the receiver. It easily penetrates several floors and more.

  • Case Dimension: only 4 X 3 cm !

  • Estimated transmitting range: 150m in urban areas and up to 500m, line of sight

  • Audio Compression: Amplifies weak whispers, suppress high noises !!!

  • Using SMD  for more stability and distance (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy)

  • 6 steps of amplified output !

  • Using a special material for encapsulating, for safetly and anti-humidity !!!

  • Adjustable frequency range: 85MHz - 125MHz with very high stability. You can adjust it Under or Over the domestic frequencies as well, so it gives you much more PRIVACY if you have an suitable receiver

  • The internal electret microphone is so sensitive that you will hear a whisper from 10m , crystal clear. High amplification microphone.

  • The device will work up to 3 weeks connected to a 9V battery (alkaline), depending on the freshness and brand.*

  • An adjusting tool is included.

  • User manual is included.

Please note that transmitting distance vary on different factors. The results you obtain depend very much on the sensitivity of the receiving FM radio, aerial of the receiver, buildings and other obstructions between the transmitter and receiver, atmospheric conditions and other nearby radio station transmissions.

*The calculation  on VOX mode for up to 20 days is with a 9V alkaline battery and assuming 2 hours of conversations per day (the total of all the activity of the day)