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Set VHF digital receiver and phone wiretap in adapter

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This is the best set of the professional wiretap - receiver working the VHF band.
The transmitter is concealed in a small phone adapter, and doesn't attract attention.
It is feed by the phone line (without using batteries) and  covers an incredible long distance.
The Miniature VHF ADJUSTABLE transmitter is intended for use in a property or business place. This wiretap, will transmit both sides of the conversations to a distant  matching receiver.
The set is designed and produced based on the high knowledge of our high skilled staff, and using only on modern technologies. Each transmitter and receiver is tested and tuned in our specialized laboratory and tested "on field" by high skilled engineers for maximum distance.

The sensitive receiver is working in the VHF frequency and adjustable within 110-140 MHz.
We are adjusting each set to a 100% matching frequency.
The VHF RECEIVER can be used indoor or outdoor. The estimated distance is from 150m in urban areas and up to 350+ meters line of sight.


  • Wide Band VHF receiver.

  • Our DIGITAL 9 BAND(!) VHF radio receiver is a high quality, super sensitive new receiver, working above the domestic range and will match the transmitter's frequency.

  • Made in Japan, special design for the FCC and EC markets.

  • Wide-Band FM 110-140MHZ Extra High Sensitivity.

  • WFM/MW/SW1-7 world band receiver.

  • The only one with 1 to 8 GEAR fine digital tuning.

  • External earphone jack and DC jack.

  • Imported IC, high sensitivity, low noise, high S/N ratio.

  • Power: DC 3V, UM-3 x 2 AA (Not included).

  • Size: 112 x 72 x 28mm.

  • External Telescopic antenna

  • Full digital display

  • Built in hi-fi speaker

  • Slightly touching electronic switch and AM/FM transition system


  • Power supply: Phone line (without battery!)

  • Steady Frequency !!!

  • Installation time: less than half a minute.

  • Dimension: ONLY 0.5" X 1.4" (about 1.5 X 3.3cm)!

  • Housed inside a very small line adapter box unnoticed.

  • Transmitter's frequency: WFM (VHF) 120-130MHz fixed maintenance free (not crystal).

  • Estimated transmitting range: about 350m on line of sight.

  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.

  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.

  • Very easy installation.

  • Connecting cable (transmitter to telephone) included.


  • 1 Set Crystal controlled PLL Crystal controlled receiver and UHF wiretap in adapter transmitter.

  • 1 Instructions Manual

Please note: this wiretap works only connected to domestic or DSL lines. It won't work with PBX - private exchanges, cable-modem lines and office type phones.