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UHF Powerful Transmitter VOX Bug 3volts voice activated

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Micro audio spy bug for room surveillance from long distance. This is the upgraded version of the miniature powerful voice activated VOX9.
The UHF transmitter uses the newest and highest quality micro-controller for the highest quality performance.
HIGH power listening device, covers an area of 500m line of sight (tested with ICOM IC-R6 from the forth floor).
VOX feature:
The usual problems with many ordinary bugs are short battery life and the low output power.
This device offers for an incredible lifetime of the battery, as when there are no sounds and voices, the transmitter remains in standby mode.
In this state, it draws only 1mA, however when a sound or voice is reached by its sensitive microphone, it switches immediately in transmission mode.
This programmable voice activated bug can use 2 types of batteries:
1. CR2450 (Button)
2. CR2477 (Button)

By using CR2450 batteries in transmit mode, the battery lasts for approximately 16-24 hours (depending on brand and freshness), and in standby mode, approximately 960 hours or 40 days
It is great for room surveillance, baby care, nature research, etc.
The audio bug uses a high-sensitive, 4mm microphone and a PLL quartz oscillator.
Frequency is fixed and can be changed only by our lab's staff.
This bugging device is designed especially for places where the reception is difficult,  as crowded areas or ground floor areas. It broadcasts a very powerful, clear sound. The bugging device is designed and tested in our specialized laboratory and tested as well in real conditions for maximal distance.



  • Working Voltage: One x 3V Lithium ( CR2450 to CR2477).

  • ON-OFF Switch.

  • Board Dimension: The Diameter is only 2.4 cm (Less than 1.0")!

  • Transmitter's frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.9-433.99MHz CRYSTAL STABILIZED. Many other frequencies available and can be programmed.


  • Long transmitting range: up to 500m on clear. (L.O.S).

  • Using a modern microprocessor, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 0.0001% accuracy).

  • Frequency programmable (In our lab)

  • Broadcasting through walls and ceilings.

  • High amplified FET microphone.

  • Professional gold plated board for extra stability.

Please note: We can supply several frequencies on demand, however it may take up to 4 business days for supplying special frequencies on UHF 433 or 418 MHz band. If required, please contact us.



  • 1 Crystal controlled PLL PROGRAMMABLE P3-1 SPY BUG Transmitter.

  • 1 Instructions Manual.