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UHF Transmitter with vocal activation switch VOX9

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  • Model: VOX9
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Our spying and bugging transmitter model VOX9 is voice activated and broadcasts audio signal (in our case, speech) only when people speak. When in use, the VOX will activate and deactivate the Audio Transmitter, therefore its power consumption is based on the presence of sound.

We use a special component that can adjust the activation level.
Due to of this voice activation feature, VOX Audio surveillance Transmitters can increase battery life up to 100 times, compared to a transmitter that in constant operation.
The frequency is stabilized by a quartz crystal, broadcasting on the ISM UHF band.
The Vocal Activation is very a very important feature. During silence, when nobody is at home, or during sleeping, the spying bug transmitter is inactive.
As soon as a sound is heard by its sensitive external microphone, the spying device is activated and transmits the audio, clear and powerful, to the receiver.
The spy VOX transmitter uses an adjustable trimmer so you can adjust its sensitivity.

Beside its small dimensions, it is also very thin making it easier to conceal.
In addition to the thin and small external microphone, it is one of our best sellers, worldwide.

*Receiver is not included.


  • Working Voltage: 9V ALKALINE battery.

  • Dimension: only 4 X 2.5 cm !

  • External microphone, 4mm diameter on 5.5 cm cable.

  • Estimated transmitting range: (Up to 1000m - LOS, Line Of Sight)

  • Audio Compression: Amplifies weak whispers, suppress high noises.

  • Using SMD, for stability and for smallest dimensions (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).

  • Additional audio stage.

  • Encapsulated.

  • Ground Plane design, no interference with other devices.

  • Frequency: 418MHz or 433MHz Crystal Controlled for high stability and privacy. The default is MHz

  • Sensitive FET microphone. Perceives a whisper from 10m, loud and clear. You won't omit a whisper.

  • The device will work up to 3 weeks connected to a 9V battery (alkaline), depending on the freshness and brand.*

  • Professional gold-plated PCB for extra stability.


1 x Voice activated VOX9