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UHF Voice Activated Programmable Transmitter 3Volts 25mW

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  • Model: VOX 30S
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A VOX is an electronic switch that automatically turns on gadgets based on sounds or voices.
In this category, you'll find strong listening devices, often known as covert transmitters, that turn on when they hear a voice.
If there are no voices or other sounds surrounding them after a predetermined time, they turn off and remain in standby mode.
They turn on again when a sound is heard near them (within 1-5 meters).


The output power and battery life are two of the most typical issues that most bugs face.
The battery life of this listening device is fantastic.
It uses less than 1 milliaAmper in standby mode.
When the sensitive microphone picks up a sound or a speech, it immediately changes to transmission mode.

This voice-activated listening device provides you with increased power and range.
It's an enhanced version of the popular VOX8 and VOX9 voice-activated devices.
The UHF transmitter operates on the 433MHz UHF band and produces around 25mW of power (in 50 Ohms antenna).
It has the most up-to-date and highest-quality programmable microcontroller on the market, resulting in great performance.

The largest distance you can cover is around 1 kilometer, Line of sight.

VOX characteristics:

The standard batteries:

1. 2 x AAA Alkaline (default).
2. Upon request, custom layout, 2 x AA Alkaline batteries.

The battery lasts about 24 hours if you use 1250mAh cells in nonstop sending mode.
In standby mode, however, it can last up to 960 hours (40 days)!
It's great for things like room surveillance, baby listening, and nature study.
The greatest device you can obtain thanks to the sensitive microphone and excellent frequency stability (PLL quartz oscillator).
We program the frequency, which cannot be changed by the user.

This bug espionage transmitter is ideal for busy or low-level settings, as well as automobiles.
The VOX30S produces a loud and clean sound.

We create the bugging listening device and put it through its paces in our specialist lab and in real-world scenarios with skilled employees to ensure maximum distance.


  • Working Voltage: 2 x 1.5V (AAA) batteries

  • Board Dimension: The size is only 3 cm X 3 cm BOXED so it may work even in severe weather.

  • Frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.4-433.99MHz or 418MHz CRYSTAL STABILIZED.

  • Voice activated (VOX).

  • Long transmitting range:  up to 1000 m on clear. (L.O.S). Special powerful design.

  • SMD design, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).

  • Frequency is programmable (In our lab).

  • Quartz Stabilized.

  • On / off switch.

  • Using a mil. specs. material for encapsulating, for safety, security and humidity.

  • The transmission penetrates through walls and ceilings.

  • High amplification FET microphone, 4mm diameter emersion gold .

  • Professional gold plated board for extra stability.



Please note: We can supply several frequencies on demand, however it may take up to 4 business days for supplying special frequencies on UHF 433 or 418 MHz band. If required, please contact us.


  • 1 x Crystal controlled PLL PROGRAMMABLE VOX30S Voice activated SPY BUG Transmitter.

  • 1 x Battery holder for 2 X AAA (Batteries not included).

  • 1 xUser Manual.

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