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About Us

About Us

Petrutech Technologies™ is a well-known international company. We are reputable manufacturers and vendors of professional surveillance and security equipment in the international market. Established in 1990, as the main supplier of audio listening devices, bugs and spying equipment in the European, Australian and American markets.
We achieved the best feedback for our products from the International market. We have extensive experience in the surveillance equipment sector, with the focus on providing only professional surveillance products.

Most of the equipment is produced by us, therefore the quality, reliability and the customer's satisfaction, are our most important goals. Our staff includes 6 experienced engineers, 22 practical engineers, and our professional team can develop any electronic surveillance equipment and solving specific problems.

These days, our international online store represents a wide range of surveillance systems and security products.

We also offer special services such as development and production of custom products for specific customer needs.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any question.