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UHF pro nfm stabilized by crystal micro bug spy transmitter 9V


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The most popular mini spy bug for room surveillance. Due to its miniature size, it can be hidden in many places. The antenna is very short, so it can be concealed even in a book! Powerful transmitter spying and bugging on the UHF band for achieving high audio and RF gain and maximal privacy. The range is approx. 200m in built area and up to 700m line of sight. Maximal drawn current: 30mA. Maximal RF output 14dBm. Super sensitive, only 6mm thick microphone. This spying bug must use a matching UHF receiver (we sell 3 UHF matching receivers), or an UHF scanner. Powered by battery and equipped with a highly sensitive microphone, this transmitter can be placed into any object of daily use and gathers the sound from up to ten meters. The crystal controlled transmittance guarantees a totally stable frequency which only can be received by our special receivers like REC1, REC2 or REC3. Depending on surrounding conditions, a transmitting range of 800 to 1000 meters may be achieved. One of the best listening devices on the market!
The TE_UHF broadcasts powerful, clear sound. It has no interferences. The spying transmitter is designed and tested in our specialized laboratory and tested "in real conditions by professional engineers for maximal distance.


  • Power supply: 9V
  • Board Dimension:  only 1 cm X 2 cm!
  • Transmitter's frequency range: NFM (UHF) 433.6-433.9MHz CRYSTAL STABILIZED.
  • Estimated transmitting distance: (Using Rec3) - up to 700 m line of sight. (L.O.S).
  • SMD built, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy).
  • Using a resign material for encapsulating, for safety and protection !!!
  • The device is coated with special Anti-static material.
  • Penetrates through walls and ceilings.
  • Very easy installation.
  • User manual is included.
  • Small microphone, 6mm diameter, picks up voices from 10m radius , crystal clear. You won't omit a word.


  • 1 Transmitter uhf bug spy  te-uhf 9v quartz crystal stabilized.
  • 1 Instructions Manual.
  • Model: TE-UHF
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05Kgs

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